Flower Girl, 92, Steals the Show at Her Granddaughter's Wedding: 'An Experience I'll Never Forget'

Georgiana Arlt, 92, was the flower girl at her granddaughter's wedding and the woman found the experience to be absolutely thrilling.

You can never be too old to walk down the aisle with a flower basket, even if you’re 92.

Abby Arlt, of Mankato, Minn., could not have pictured her hometown wedding to Dustin Mershon without her beloved grandma as a major part of the celebration. 

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With that in mind, Abby asked 92-year-old Georgiana Arlt to be her flower girl.

“I just always knew that my flower girl should be the person who I’m closest with,” Abby told InsideEdition.com. "Besides my parents and my sister, who was my maid of honor, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone other than my grandma.”

Abby 'popped the question' to her grandma at a recent family function, and while everyone cheered, Georgiana was ecstatic.

"My grandma shrieked at the top of her lungs," Abby said. "She couldn’t believe it. She was shocked."

Of course, her grandma said yes.

“I just looked at her and said, ‘For you, I will,'" Georgiana told InsideEdition.com. “I was so happy... I’ve never been in a wedding except my own so it was an extra thrill."

Looking flashy in a glittered, silver dress accessorized with her decked-out floral walker, Little Rascal Studio, LLC filmed Georgiana making her way down the aisle with a basket of rose petals.

The guests were filled with smiles and laughs, supporting the 92-year-old.

“It’s one of those times where you just you know it’s got to be captured because it’s once in a lifetime to capture a beautiful moment like that for a family,” Dustin Doust of Little Rascals Studio, told InsideEdition.com. “She, herself was just having the time of her life.”

Abby said most of the guests didn’t know her grandma was going to be the flower girl, but Georgiana said she wasn’t nervous at all.

“They just enjoyed me,” Georgiana said. “I’m afraid I kind of stole it away from the bride and the groom."

The original plan was to have Georgiana as the flower girl and Abby's grandfather, Adrian Arthur Arlt, as the ring bearer, but Adrian died a year ago. 

“He was definitely there in spirit,” Abby said.

But while her husband's absence was felt, Georgiana was excited to be surrounded by family, including her eight children and 15 out of 17 grandchildren. She called it "an experience I’ll never forget."

Georgiana and Adrian were married 73 years ago in August during World War II. She had only two weeks to put her wedding together on a farm. Her flower girl was 6 years old.

Rest assured, she would recommend other grandparents to be in their grandchildren’s weddings and she would do it again if she could.

“Oh sure, now it’s a piece of cake,” she said. “If any grandma would ask, I would say, 'Yes, go for it!'"

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Despite the attention that her grandmother got during the ceremony, Abby was happy to let her to steal the show.

‘It’s so special because like my grandma has been part of my life always, I couldn’t have imagined anyone else being the one that set the petals for me,” Abby said.

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