Police Officer Buys Man New Bike Tires: 'All We Have to Do is One Act of Kindness'

After spotting a man riding his bike with only one tire, A Florida cop planned a special surprise for the biker to help him get around.

A Florida cop has been commended for a random act of kindness after he came upon an unusual scene while on duty last month.

"I hear this noise on the side of me," Jacksonville police officer Terrance Hightower told InsideEdition.com. "I couldn’t believe what I was seeing."

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Alongside him, Hightower noticed a man riding his bike with a back tire that was completely stripped away to the rim.

Hightower was perplexed, but the cyclist, identified by FirstCoastNews as 61-year-old Alfonzo Stacey, gave a heartfelt explanation.

"I have to do what I need to do to get things done in life and this is my transportation," Stacey told Hightower. "I’ll get another tire or rim sooner or later."

Within hours, he did just that, courtesy of the kind-hearted policeman.

After hearing the man's story, Officer Hightower asked Stacey for his information. Later that night, the cop showed up at his house with two new tires, inner tubes and a patch kit.

Stacey opened the door and was shocked.

"He said little things like that mean a lot," Hightower said. "That changed his perspective about people and believing in people."

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The simple good deed has also resulted in a new friendship, as Stacey has agreed to attend one of Hightower’s workout classes this weekend in return.

Officer Hightower is proud that a bond so strong started with such a simple gesture.

"You can do something small and minute and it means just as much as anything else," Hightower said.

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