37 Years After Family Moved Into Home, a Light Bulb Inside Still Shines

The company moved into their home in 1980.

This Pennsylvania family says they have a light bulb in their basement that has been working for nearly 37 years — and counting.

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Becky Travaglini, who lives outside Pittsburgh, says the bulb was already in its socket when they bought the house in 1980.

"We moved in October 1980, we bought the house and the light bulb was in the house when we moved in," she told Inside Edition. "It’s the same light bulb and it still works."

She alerted Inside Edition about her light bulb, after seeing Thursday's story about another Pennsylvania family who had an alarm clock stuck in their wall that continued beeping nightly for 13 years.

Recently, the alarm clock was removed from the wall. Inside were two Rayovac batteries.

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Rayovac, an American battery company based in Wisconsin, told Inside Edition they were happy to hear their batteries still functioned inside the clock.

“We are thrilled,” Michele Woolever, the company’s senior product manager, told Inside Edition. “It’s a testament to our long-lasting batteries.”

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