Bear Looking for Midnight Snack Raids Fridge as Homeowner Sleeps Upstairs

It's the same bear that trapped a woman in her garage two weeks ago.

A bear was caught on tape raiding the refrigerator, which it was able to open itself, of one Colorado home.

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The 375-pound beast came in through an open window on July 4, and was seen sniffing around. It knew how to open the cabinets, as well as the refrigerator door, while looking for something to snack on.

Bears, which are always on the hunt for meat, happened to stumble into the home of a vegetarian, so it noshed on fruit and oatmeal.

The kitchen was ransacked and the commotion woke up homeowner Chris O'Dubrhraic, who called the police and wildlife officials to report the incident.

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The bear, which recently made headlines after it trapped a woman in her garage, had to be euthanized after officials deemed it was too dangerous.

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