Scuba Scare: Diver Looking for Golf Balls Encounters Gator That Bit His Arm

Scott Lahodik was attacked at a golf course in Charlotte County, Fla.

A man in scuba gear is recovering after he was attacked by an alligator that bit his arm as he went diving for golf balls at a Florida course last week.

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Scott Lahodik was attacked by the gator as he was underwater collecting balls in at the Rotonda Golf & Country Club Palms Course in Charlotte County.

Onlookers called 911 after he emerged from the pond.

"It’s all the way down to the bone," one called said of the wound on Lahodik’s left arm.

Despite the ordeal, Lahodik is expected to recover.

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Diving for golf balls is a common practice and a $200 million industry. The recovered golf balls are resold for profit. However, there's always the risk of a deadly encounter with a hungry gator.

The gator was euthanized, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission protocol.

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