Man Wows Walmart Shoppers As He Belts Out the National Anthem Over the Intercom

"I definitely didn't plan for this to go viral, or I would have put proper clothes on," James Fruits joked.

Walmart shoppers were treated to quite a show when an Ohio man began belting out the national anthem over the intercom.

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“We were on vacation and I was in my swimsuit,” James Fruits told “I didn’t even get dressed, so I definitely didn’t plan for this to go viral, or I would have put proper clothes on.”

Fruits said he and his family dropped by the Osage Beach Walmart in Missouri to pick up a couple of items. That’s when he decided to spontaneously belt out the Star-Spangled Banner through the aisles.

“People that were around cheered and applauded,” he recalled. “There was actually one lady in another part of the store that was singing along with me. I could hear her off in the distance.”

Store employees then announced over the intercom, “Will the gentleman who just sang the national anthem please come to the service desk,” he recalled.

A manager then asked if he would sing it again, this time, over the intercom.

“I like to be loud, have fun, embarrass my friends,” he said. “So I started singing there.”

Employees later gifted him a $10 Walmart gift card for the show.

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Fruits, who is employed at his church for music-related jobs, said he often sings and performs at special events and studied vocal music in college.

“I’ve been doing music for as young as I can remember,” he said. “I love performing. It’s what I do every day.”

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