Mom Finds 18-Month-Old Playing in Pool of Baby Powder: 'She's a Very Determined Girl'

The mom-of-two was too shocked to say much except, "What did you do?"

An Iowa mom couldn't do anything but laugh when she walked in on her 18-month-old daughter rolling around in a bathroom full of baby powder.

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"Juliann isn't afraid to do anything," her mom, Sheila Boevers said. "She's a very determined girl."

Boevers explained she was doing the dishes in the kitchen while 18-month-old Juliann was supposed to be watching television with her 5-year-old sister Makenna.

Instead, Juliann snuck off into the bathroom, and somehow got into the family's supply of baby powder.

In a video licensed by Caters News, Boevers could be seen walking in on her tot, too shocked to say anything except, "What did you do?"

"People were surprised that I didn't get mad," she joked.

Instead, the mom-of-two calmly gave her daughter a bath, and vacuumed up the mess.

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"Juliann cried for me to stop as she was having so much fun, and was desperate to play in it again," she said.

Despite her efforts to keep her home tidy, she said her daughter did the same thing the following night, this time, getting into the family's supply of baby lotion.

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