What's the Drive-By Dunk Challenge? Check Out This Summer's Latest Viral Trend

You may need to watch your basketball hoop.

Social media users are trading in their ice buckets and spoonfuls of cinnamon for basketballs this summer.

The latest viral challenge is called the #DrivebyDunkChallenge, in which a driver pulls up to a stranger’s house with a visible basketball hoop outside. The passenger or driver then jumps out the vehicle, runs and dunks the ball in the most creative way possible.

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People across the world are posting videos of the new phenomenon on Instagram and Twitter.

The videos show that as long as there is a car, a basketball, a stranger’s basketball hoop, and a recording device present, it’s dunking time.

Dunkers from California, Michigan and even Australia are participating in the fad.

NBA star Anthony Davis, who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans, joined in on the trend as he swiftly dunked on a hoop in a stranger’s driveway.

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One Instagram user by the name t.currie posted a video showing him completing the challenge on Wednesday. His post received more 50,000 views in two days.

The same video was reposted by the Instagram account House of Highlights, which has more than 6.5 million followers. The account has since posted a handful of other challengers, including Davis’ dunk. 

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