Man in Creepy Clown Mask With Machete Taped to Amputated Arm Gets Arrested: Cops

Corey Berry was charged with criminal threatening for allegedly creeping around woods wearing a clown mask and wielding a machete.

Perhaps he read too much Stephen King and watched too many creepy clown YouTube videos.

A Maine man in a macabre clown mask with a machete duct-taped to his amputated arm was arrested after he was seen running in and out of a wooded area, authorities said.

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Corey Berry was arrested and charged with criminal threatening after Maine State Police officers said they tracked him running through the trees in Waterboro.

The 31-year-old appeared to be inebriated, police said, and told cops he was pulling a prank by imitating eerie clown sightings that caused uproar across the country late last year.

A series of scary-looking clown appearances in October prompted police to increase their community presence after parents complained their children were traumatized by the freaky phantoms.

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In response, Target removed clown masks from its offering of Halloween costumes and McDonald’s cut back the public appearances of Ronald McDonald, its red-haired clown mascot.

Berry was released after posting $200 bail, police said.  

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