Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Related: Larry David Learns He's Bernie Sanders' Third Cousin

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star found out the truth during an episode of the PBS show "Finding Your Roots."

Larry David didn't have to look beyond his own family tree for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live, as it's been revealed the funnyman is related to the U.S. senator.

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That's because the Seinfeld co-creator and Sanders are actually third cousins.

David came to the realization while filming an upcoming episode of the PBS show, Finding Your Roots, hosted by historian Henry Louis Gates. The show researches the family history of various celebrities.

The revelation came Wednesday when a reporter, who had received an advance copy of the show, asked David about it during an appearance on a panel for the Television Critics Association.

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David said he was "very happy" to be related to senator, who, like the comedian, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I thought there must be some connection," the Curb Your Enthusiasm star said. "I love Bernie."

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