2-Week-Old Sumatran Tiger Cub Might Be a Boy, Zookeepers Say After a Quick Peek

They were able to examine the cub briefly as his mother left their den to eat.

Is it a boy?

A Sumatran tiger cub born at the Smithsonian National Zoo two weeks ago has been keeping zookeepers guessing, but they were able to determine that the cub is likely a boy after a quick peek.

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Zookeepers were able to examine the cub briefly as his mother, 8-year-old Damai, left their den to eat.

They said the cub has gained three pounds since birth and have declared him healthy and strong.

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Damai and her cub will not be on exhibit until later this fall to give them time to bond behind the scenes.

Sumatran tigers are critically endangered, and the cub’s birth is part of the zoo’s ongoing effort to repopulate the species.

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