Don't Skirt the Rules: Fashion Experts Weigh In on When It's OK to Wear Shorts in the Office

As temperatures climb, more men are looking for a leg-exposing alternative.

To beat the heat this summer, some men want to dress in shorts and a T-shirt inside their offices, the fashion world is offering some advice on how to approach the matter.

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“It is hot out this time of year; guys want to wear shorts," fashion expert Brittney Levine told Inside Edition. “In more of a corporate type setting, shorts are not acceptable. If you are going to be in a big meeting, if you're going to be meeting with clients, I think you need to be in a real suit.”

Employees of one busy New York law film adhere to a strict dress code.

M. Sean Duffy, an attorney with Rabin Panero & Herrick, spoke to Inside Edition about his choice of office clothing.

“When I put on a suit, I feel like I’m ready to work," he said. "This is serious time. When I take off my suit, that's when I can go play."

Not everyone is so eager to follow the rules. The male employees of a bus company in France got so fed up with their "no shorts" policy that drivers stepped out, during a heatwave, wearing skirts, which are acceptable attire for female drivers.

Skirting the rules aside, shorts are becoming more acceptable as Thom Browne, one of America's leading menswear designers, regularly shows suits with shorts during his fashion shows.

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At the Barstool Sports blog in New York City, shorts are totally appropriate during the workday.

“These guys here are sitting in this office pretty much all day, but you don't have to look good for the person sitting next to you," Barstool founder Dave Portnoy, told Inside Edition. "I guess some dress well, work well. Dress comfortable, work well."

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