Hero Teens Recall Dramatic Rescue of Man Who Was Nearly Killed in 65-Foot Plunge off Bridge

Roman Sissons, 17, jumped into action to save Tyler Wright, 25, after he went into cardiac arrest after hitting the water.

A Washington state man is lucky to be alive after he was rescued from a river by a group of teens after jumping from a bridge Saturday.

Tyler Wright, 25, climbed to the top of an abandoned bridge, about 65 feet over the Spokane River. When he jumped and slammed into the water below, he cracked a rib, punctured a lung and went into cardiac arrest.

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Roman Sissons, 17, was at the river and saw Wright crash into the water. He and a few of his friends jumped into action to rescue the man.

"From just seeing that jump I immediately was like, ‘Ok, this guy is hurt'," Sissons told Inside Edition. "His eyes were rolled back in his head and he was just unconscious snoring like he had just been knocked out by a UFC fighter." 

Sissons and his buddies, who are all lifeguards, dragged him out of the water and began CPR, making four attempts before ambulances arrived.

The victim's girlfriend, Shyan Rose, was watching the whole thing in horror. She told Inside Edition that Wright may not be alive if not for the teens.

"Without them, my boyfriend of three years, the love of my life, would not be here now," she told Inside Edition. 

Wright was admitted into the intensive care unit at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. His condition has since been upgraded to stable.

Every summer, videos of death-defying leaps from cliffs and bridges pop up all over the internet.

One Inside Edition producer knows the disastrous effects of jumping off a bridge first hand.

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Investigative producer Charlie McLravy came close to losing his life nearly a decade ago after plunging 100 feet off a bridge near Yosemite National Park in California. He shattered vertebrae on impact, almost severing his spinal cord. He then had to re-learn how to walk.

"It looks like a Hell of a thing to do, it was, but I paid the consequences and I deal with that every day of my life now. So don’t do it,” he urges.

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