Amid Spate of Hot Car Incidents Involving Dogs, How to Protect Your Pup | Inside Edition

Amid Spate of Hot Car Incidents Involving Dogs, How to Protect Your Pup

It happens much more often than one might think.

A precious dog being left in a hot car happens more than people may realize.

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Last month, two dogs were found in a car outside a movie theater in Atlanta. The window was open a crack but officers who arrived on the scene determined the temperature inside the car was still over 160 degrees.

Across the country, cases of dogs in hot cars occur every summer. In some situations, civilians spot the pets inside the sweltering conditions and save them by breaking the windows to get them out.

Everything from rocks to bricks to golf clubs have been used to break car windows open.

Robert Misseri, of animal welfare group, The Guardians of Rescue, showed Inside Edition how deadly a car can be for dogs on an especially hot day.

Under a controlled situation, he wanted to show how the body reacts in a hot car. He got inside a vehicle with an internal temperature of 130 degrees and was seen sweating profusely. 

He said that since dogs sweat and breath through their mouth, being in such a heated scenario is "a recipe for disaster." 

Misseri has some tips on how to avoid a grim outcome if you bring your pet out on a hot day.

"I encourage people to bring a second set of keys, keep the windows up and the air conditioner on," he said. 

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He also says lots of people forget their smaller dogs that may be asleep in the back of a car.

"I encourage people to put a Post-It on the dashboard of their car," he added. 

There are also a variety of "hot car escape tools" that can instantly break open a car window.

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