Utility Workers Help Woman Recover Wedding Ring She Dropped in Sidewalk Grate | Inside Edition

Utility Workers Help Woman Recover Wedding Ring She Dropped in Sidewalk Grate

Sarah Sommer said her hands were feeling uncomfortable from the heat, and she took her rings off for a moment before they dropped through the grate.

New York City utility workers saved the day this week when they recovered a wedding ring a woman accidentally dropped in a sidewalk grate.

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“It was a good deed for the day — that’s how we look at it,” Con Edison worker Jason Wertheimer said in an interview with WCBS.

Wetheimer and his partner Kenyatta Charles were in a work truck stopped at a traffic light near Grand Central Terminal Monday when Sarah Sommer, of Westchester County, came banging on the driver’s door.

“I open up the door and said, ‘Are you okay?’” he recalled.

That’s when Sommer explained she had dropped her wedding rings in a sidewalk grate.

“I was really hot and sweaty coming out of Grand Central,” Sommer explained in an interview with WCBS. “So I went to take my rings off because they were way too tight.”

The next thing she knew, her fingers slipped and her rings bounced off the sidewalk and into the sewer.

“I thought, 'I’m going to wake up — this is a nightmare. This doesn’t happen in real life. I can’t believe I lost my wedding ring,'" Sommer said.

Luckily, Wetheimer and Charles were happy to lend a hand to Sommer, who is eight months pregnant.

The pair was able to open the grate and drain the water while one of them climbed down to search. Sure enough, the ring was “right where she said it was," Charles said.

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Sommer hugged them and offered them a cash reward, but the Con Ed workers refused, saying they were happy to help.

“They took time out on their Monday morning, are going to finish late, go home to their families late — just so they can get me my ring back,” she said. “It’s just amazing.”

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