Princess Diana Smashes Sand Castles and Plays Dress Up in Rarely Seen Childhood Videos | Inside Edition

Princess Diana Smashes Sand Castles and Plays Dress Up in Rarely Seen Childhood Videos

A closer look at the home movies shows a resemblance to the granddaughter she never knew, Princess Charlotte.

Rarely seen home movies of the late Princess Diana are to be broadcast publicly on a new primetime special.

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The videos include Diana as a little girl and living a carefree life, decades before she became an international icon.

The home movies were released by Diana’s brother, Charles, for The Story of Diana, a two-part special that premieres Wednesday on ABC.

"There is something very poignant about these home movies because of course, when she got older, she sort of had this dance of death with the media and those home movies sort of take on a very poignant, very precedent and sort of prescient sort of quality," Jess Cagle, People magazine’s editor and the show's executive producer, told Inside Edition. 

Tragedy was waiting in the wings even as the home movies were shot.

When she was 6, her parents were involved in a scandalous divorce and she rarely saw her mother again. It has been said that Diana never truly recovered from the emotional scars.

The change in her personality can be actually seen in the home movies.

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As a teen, her ambition was to become a professional ballet dancer. She was talented, but considered too tall for a career in dance.

Fate had a different future in store for "The People's Princess."

Diana's brother says one of the tragedies of her death is she never got to be a grandmother because he says she would have been the best grandmother ever.

The videos show that Diana bears a striking resemblance to the granddaughter she never met, Princess Charlotte.

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