Couple, 69 and 70, Stuns Crowd With Their Smooth Dance Moves in Viral Video

They go to the club most Saturdays.

One couple’s dance moves are only getting better with time.

Nick, 70, and Emma Nichols, 69, became internet stars after a video of them dancing at a Ludacris concert in Virginia in July went viral.

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The DJs were playing. I said, ‘If we’re going to do any dancing, we better do it now.’ It was a good song, a good beat and we started moving and it picked up,” Nick told” It was just one of those moments. It just happened."

The couple did their own choreographed two-step to J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” as onlookers gathered. The video, which was shared to Facebook, has since been viewed nearly 7 million times."

Nick initially bought the Ludacris tickets because he previously heard a song by him and liked the beat, so when he came to town, they decided to attend.

But, Nick said dancing is something he and Emma do all the time.

“As far as dancing, we try to go out every Saturday night," Nick said. "[We] don’t make every Saturday but we try to make it an every week ritual where we just go out, have a good time. I just saw a statistic where it says, 'If you’re 37, you’re too old for a club.’ Well, I’m about 35, I guess.”

Emma wasn’t always a dancer, but once she met Nick, who she has been with for 48 years, he “brought her out of her shell.”

“He’s the one that really got me going," she said. "I wasn’t a sports person, I wasn’t a dance person. I was a person that hit the books all the time. But knowing him after 48 years, that’s entirely different [now]."

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This isn’t the first time the couple has gone viral, however. In 2015, they were captured dancing in a mall after a DJ put them on the spot. That clip has been viewed more than 23 million times.

[I] never had a lesson [and] will not take one," Nick said. "I’m the original. If it’s got a beat, we’re in the street.”

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