Surviving a Nuclear Disaster in Luxury! Underground Bunker Has Its Own Pool and Movie Theater

The bunker is housed in an abandoned missile silo.

The owner of an underground Doomsday bunker in the Midwest says business is booming.

Larry Hall, the owner of the Survival Condo Project, gave Inside Edition a peek behind the 16,000-pound doors of the bunker, which is housed in an abandoned missile silo in Kansas.

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"Since the election of Donald Trump, we've seen a whole new demographic of people calling in, people that didn't know we existed before," he said.

An elevator takes guests to a full-floor residential unit that's more than 100 feet underground.

There are 12 units where guests can theoretically ride out a nuclear disaster in luxurious comfort.

The condos are outfitted with amenities while "windows" — high definition televisions — show the outside world. 

Common areas include a movie theater, a rock climbing wall and a shooting rage. There's also a pool and a waterslide.

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There's even an underground farm that where fresh fruits and vegetables can grow, while wind and diesel generators provide power.

"We have fuel to run these disels for two-and-a-half years," Hall said.

One Seattle couple, Renee and Robert, bought a 920-square unit for $1.5 million. They say they're prepared in case of the worst.

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