Maria Shriver and Daughter Katherine Celebrate Girl Power

Maria Shriver is going on with her life after the revelation that her husband has a love child with their former maid, and she and daughter Katherine are celebrating girl power. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Maria Shriver put on a brave face at a luncheon in Beverly Hills. She chatted with guests and was welcomed with warm hugs. Shriver beamed with pride as her eldest daughter Katherine was honored as an inspiration to young women.

Despite her father's shocking sex scandal, Katherine remained perfectly poised as she addressed the attendees. She praised her mom for instilling her with girl power.

"When I was, I think it was when I was ten, my mom actually started a girl power camp at our house on our lawn when we were younger, and we had all of our friends come over," she reminisced.

After the event, Shriver tweeted: "Congrats to my beautiful & brilliant daughter."

Meanwhile, embattled Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he is putting his big Hollywood comeback on hold following the revelation that he fathered a child with the family maid.

His agent says the ex-governor is "focusing on personal matters" and has ordered a halt to all upcoming movie projects including the Terminator sequel and an animated children's series titled The Governator.

"I think he did exactly the right thing. I think it's very important to create a feeling that this is not just a run-of-the-mill problem but in fact he takes it exceedingly seriously," says public relations expert Michael Levine.

And shock over the love child scandal continues to pour in.

Debbie Reynolds, whose husband Eddie Fisher notoriously left her for Elizabeth Taylor, spoke out about the scandal on The Joy Behar Show.
"There are so many similarities to what happened to you back in the day," observed Behar.

"Eddie screwed the housekeeper??" Reynolds said in mock horror. Then more seriously she added, "I'm really sorry for the love child...what is his name going to be, what school is he going to go to, who is going to support him?"

Best-selling author Jackie Collins says that, even after all her decades in Hollywood, she was stunned by the existence of Schwarzenegger's secret son.

"It's really the icing on the cake isn't it? I mean, it's bad enough that he was cheating. But that kind of thing, if I wrote it, nobody would believe it," she told INSIDE EDITION.

Oprah's best bud Gayle King and actress Ellen Barken chimed in, applauding Shriver for her aplomb during the firestorm.

New information is surfacing about Schwarzenegger's relationship with his illegitimate son. He reportedly doted on the boy, giving him wads of cash at holidays, a PlayStation, and an annual pass to Universal Studios. Schwarzenegger is also have said to taken the love child on family vacations and was even godfather to his big brother Roger.

But even with Schwarzenegger's help, the maid, Mildred 'Patty' Baena, still had financial problems. INSIDE EDITION learned that her car was repossessed in 2005, while she was still employed by the Schwarzeneggers.

Documents reveal that Baena owed at least $7,000 on her 2001 Nissan SUV when it was repossessed.
And leave it to The Tonight Show's Jay Leno to find the funny side of the family drama:
"You know what's going to happen next, Arnold will check into a sexual addiction clinic and of course next season the maid will go on 'Dancing with the Stars.' That's the American way!"