Maria Shriver Moves Forward While Speculation About Schwarzenegger Continues

While Maria Shriver was seen taking a stroll along with the beach with friends, as speculation grows that Arnold Schwarzenegger may have more than one illegitimate child. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Healing continues for Maria Shriver. She took a sunset stroll on the beach in Malibu, California, surrounded by friends as she walked her dog.

Shriver continues to win hearts across the nation for her grace following her estranged husband's jaw-dropping sex scandal with the family maid.

Gayle King says Shriver was embraced with deafening applause at Oprah's farewell spectacular.

And on Good Morning America, co-host Robin Roberts had a message for Shriver's cousin, Caroline Kennedy, who was there to announce this year's Profile in Courage Award.

"We are all thinking of your cousin, Maria Shriver, during this difficult time she's going through right now," said Roberts.

"Thank you," replied Kennedy.

Shriver's eldest daughter, Katherine, is getting out of town and photographers peppered her with questions at the airport in Los Angeles.

Katherine seems to be extending an olive branch to her embattled dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is said to be isolating himself at the family compound in Brentwood, California.

"Holding grudges is bad for your health. Forgive and let go," Katherine tweeted.

She also posted this cryptic message:

"The day you decide what you deserve is the day you get what you deserve."

And could Schwarzenegger have fathered more secret love children? Actress Jane Seymour says yes. She told CNN she's "heard about two more children."

Joy Behar said on The View, "Next Kindergarten Cop movie, all of his kids will be in it."

Meantime, the maid, Patty Baena, remains in hiding in Los Angeles with Schwarzenegger's secret son.

But one person close to Baena is breaking his silence. Her sister's ex-boyfriend opened up to Los Angeles TV station KCAL.

"Did he know Arnold was his father all these years?" asked the KCAL reporter. 

"I don't want say anything about this," said the ex-boyfriend.

"He's a good kid?" asked the reporter.

"He's a very wonderful kid," said the ex-boyfriend.

Reaction to the love child scandal continues to pour in.

We caught up with Ivanka Trump at the Celebrity Apprentice after party.

"I was very shocked and truthfully very sad. I have tremendous respect for Maria Shriver, so my heart broke for her," said Trump.

Schwarzenegger's longtime friend Larry King spoke out at the Peabody Awards ceremony in New York.

"It's just sad. It's sad for the children," said King.

And the funny folks at Saturday Night Live took some hilarious swipes at the ex-governor.

"I couldn't help notice that every one of your movies made a perfect New York Post headline for this story. True Lies, Junior, Twins, Predator, Judgment Day, Collateral Damage, and Raw Deal," said Seth Meyers in his Weekend Update sketch.