Camping Revises Date for the End of the World, but the Jokes Keep Coming

INSIDE EDITION talks to Harold Camping, the radio preacher who said the world would end last Saturday and now says the actual rapture will happen in October.

Prediction turned into punch line as comedians had a field day with Harold Camping’s claims that the world would end on Saturday.

David Letterman quipped, “This is our first post-apocalypse Late Show!” Jimmy Kimmel reflected on a more serious loss: “I’m actually kind of upset the Rapture didn’t happen on Saturday,” he said, “I gave away my Beanie Baby collection for no reason at all.”

But one man isn’t laughing. Harold Camping, an 89-year old preacher, falsely predicted that on May 21st, righteous people would ascend to heaven in an apocalyptic event.    

So why does Camping think it didn’t happen?

“We don’t always hit the nail on the head the first time,” Camping told INSIDE EDITION.

But unfortunately, some took Camping’s words too seriously. Lynn Bendetto of Palmdale, California slit the throats of her two daughters and subsequently, her own, to spare her family from the agony of the apocalypse.

Camping now says that the actual end of the world will happen on October 21st.

We’ll be sure to save the date. Meanwhile, the jokes keep coming.

“So I guess you weren’t chosen to go to heaven, either,” Jay Leno said to his audience.