Man Nearly Killed in Bridge Jump Reunites With His Rescuers: 'You Died 7 Times'

Tyler Wright got to shake hands with the two who saved him after he attempted a backflip off an abandoned bridge.

The man who was nearly killed after plunging 65 feet off a bridge in Washington State has met with the teenage heroes who saved his life.

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Tyler Wright, 25, climbed to the top of the abandoned bridge, located above the Spokane River last month. When he slammed into the water below, he cracked a rib, punctured a lung and went into cardiac arrest last month.

“I remember shimmying up there and I don’t remember much after that,” Wright said.

Jacob Rosenberg and Roman Sissons were hanging out with friends and recorded the whole thing on a smart phone.

When they heard the sound of Wright smacking into the water, they knew something was wrong.

Sissons, 17, jumped right in to save him.

“We snagged you by the belt loops and yanked you up here,” Sissons told Wright during their reunion.

"It is blowing me away to see you standing here in front of me," Rosenberg added. 

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Luckily for Wright, his rescuers have been trained in CPR. They had to restart Wright’s heart an astonishing seven times.

He spent a week in the hospital recovering from a brain injury and broken ribs.

“I am glad you were there. If you weren't, I probably wouldn't be here,” Wright said as he thanked his heroes. 

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