'Shades of Blue' Actress Odette Warder Reportedly Loses Ring, Rolex Watch After Husband Brings Home Suspected

She may play a cop on TV, but that didn't stop Odette Warder from becoming a theft victim.

Surveillance cameras may have captured a suspect wanted in connection to jewelry reportedly stolen from a New York City apartment that belongs to Shades of Blue actress Odette Warder.

The female suspect was caught on surveillance video after allegedly swiping a $17,000 Rolex watch at Warder's Manhattan apartment, Warder is set to appear alongside Jennifer Lopez in the third season of the hit NBC show, which is currently filming. 

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Also missing from the South African-born actress was a $30,000 wedding ring, as well as $2,000 worth of gold bangles and an opal ring worth $1,000.

Police reportedly say the heist occurred after Warder's husband, Jean Pierre Henderson, met the suspected thief and brought her back to their midtown east apartment.

She left an hour later, allegedly taking the jewels with her. Police have yet to find her.

Cops say this has happened to hundreds of men across the country: Beautiful, flirty women stealing Rolex watches from men they meet in bars and nightclubs.

Sales executive Arvin Malhi told Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerero last year that it happened to him in Miami Beach.

“There's a beautiful girl approaching me," he said. "Of course, I felt good. Felt special."

He said that he was sporting his new $28,000 Rolex while at a bachelor party in Miami when a young woman approached him.

“She wasn't interested in me," he said. "She was clearly interested in my watch."

He invited her back to his hotel suite, where he took off his Rolex. He says it wasn't long before he saw her swipe it from the night table and take off.

“I said, ‘Hey!’ Before I could say anything else, she was gone,” he recalled.

She was arrested a short distance away after he called police and gave them her license plate.

The search for Malhi's watch, however, was fruitless.

“Unfortunately, they searched the whole car,” he said. “They were not able to find my watch.”

She was charged with grand theft. In her mug shots, she is wearing a Versace necklace allegedly stolen from another victim. Police said knockout drugs were found in her purse.

She has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

One mode of operation for someone to swipe a watch is when the so-called “Rolex Girls” spike a man’s drink with knockout drugs.

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Inside Edition hired two models to see if men would accept drinks that could easily be spiked. It didn't take long for guys to accept shot after shot.

Guerrero later asked one of the men: “Did you take a drink from a stranger?”

"Yes," he replied while laughing.

The models thought the man may have been a little too trusting.

“It would have been too easy to actually have slipped something in their drinks,” one of them said.

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