Football Champion Hines Ward Wins Dancing with the Stars Trophy

INSIDE EDITION caught with Hines Ward backstage at Dancing with the Stars as the football champion takes home the mirror ball trophy.

Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward wins Dancing with the Stars in what turned out to be the hottest ticket in town for celebrities.

An almost unrecognizable Bristol Palin was in the audience wearing glasses. INSIDE EDITION also spotted actress Kelly Preston, supporting her best friend Kirstie Alley, who came in second.

"She's the best. She's first in a lot of people's minds," said Preston.

Backstage we saw Preston hugging Alley. The dress Kirstie Alley wore at the beginning of the season had to be taken in by a whopping 38 inches for the finale!

"It's fun. It's good when you're grabbing tons of fabric and going, cut, cut, cut," said Alley, who had to do the post show interviews alone because her partner, Maks, was under the weather.

"Maks has food poisoning," said Alley.

And Playboy's girl next door, Kendra Wilkinson, returned to the show with a naughty table dance. She was so into it, she slipped and stumbled at the end.

Wilkinson told INSIDE EDITION backstage, "I have a big knot on my head right now."

But everyone was buzzing about Hines Ward taking home the trophy.

As for Bristol Palin, she had some company watching the big show. Sitting close by were her parents, Sarah and Todd Palin.