13-Year-Old Driver Arrested During Traffic Stop as Cops Find 25 Pounds of Meth in Car: Cops

The boy was pulled over in Colorado with his two older cousins, cops say.

A 13-year-old boy was among three people arrested when Colorado authorities pulled over a car they say was hauling 25 pounds of meth.

The Western Colorado Drug Task Force said Wednesday they seized the meth during a traffic stop on Interstate 70 in Mesa County.

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Cops say the young teen was behind the wheel of the Dodge Avenger when it was stopped in Fruita.

The two passengers have been identified as the boy's cousins, 22-year-old German Michel-Arreola and 19-year-old Irene Michel-Arreola.

The group reportedly gave authorities permission to search the vehicle, and officers reportedly found 23 packages containing a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine.

All three suspects are now facing felony drug charges, including distribution/manufacturing/possession with intent of meth, heroin, ketamine, cathinone.

The 13-year-old driver is facing additional charges of failing to drive in a designated lane, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

All three are from the Los Angeles area, according to police.

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"Goods travel through I-70 from across the country, and that's no different with drugs," Megan Terlecky of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office told reporters. "And so, the Western Colorado Drug Task Force, they do a very good job of trying to track movement of drugs and make stops and seize it when they have an opportunity to do so."

The teenager is being held at the Grand Junction Youth Services Center. His cousins are in the Mesa County Detention Facility.

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