Curious Dwarf Mongoose Quintuplets Peek Their Tiny Heads Out of Den

The quintuplets, dubbed the "Fab Five," are just beginning to open their eyes after being born a couple weeks ago.

These five tiny faces belong to the newborn dwarf mongoose pups that are finally peeking out of their den.

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The quintuplets, dubbed the “Fab Five,” were born at the Chester Zoo in England a few weeks ago, and are just beginning to open their eyes and take their first steps outside of their den.

“Dwarf mongooses are curious characters and are incredibly adventurous and playful,” the zoo's assistant curator of mammals, Nick Davis, said in a statement. "The babies are certainly keeping mum and dad on their toes."

The pups have not yet been named, and are still too tiny to determine the gender. Zookeepers estimate they are each about the size of a Kit Kat bar.

Their parents, Mini and Cooper, first arrived at the zoo late last year.

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The adult dwarf mongoose, native to sub-Saharan Africa, is the smallest species of carnivores and only grow to 12 inches in length.

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