Adorable 7-Year-Old Helps With Neighbor's Proposal: 'Can I Be Your Ring Berry?'

He will fulfill the role at the couple's 2018 wedding.

An adorable 7-year-old, donning a tuxedo and bowtie, stole the show as he helped his neighbor’s boyfriend with a "berry good" proposal.

In a video shared by Caters News, Elijah McDonald, showed up at Caroline McSwain’s childhood home in North Carolina, asking her, "Can I be your ring berry?"

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Although he actually meant “ring bearer,” Caroline McSwain understood what the boy was asking, but was still confused by the question, considering she wasn’t yet engaged to her boyfriend Alex Ryskiwich.

“When Little Elijah asked if he could be my ‘ring berry,’ I thought maybe his parents had gotten some misinformation and thought we were engaged but we weren’t,” McSwain told “I felt so awkward but I just gave him a hug and said, “Sure!” I mean, he just looked so cute, I couldn’t say no.”

But when she turned around and Ryskiwich was down on one knee, she was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

Elijah, who has been McSwain’s neighbor since he was born, seemed like the perfect recruit for the job as McSwain had played a part in helping Elijah’s dad propose when she was a kid herself.

“After doing the same for his parents 10 years ago, I was so happy to have Elijah involved in the happiest day of my life. It’s amazing to think that both of our families have had an involvement in each of our proposals,” McSwain said.

The moment was like life coming full-circle for her, McSwain said.

“I grew up babysitting [Elijah] and he’s like a little brother to me and I always said that I wanted him to be in my wedding one day,” McSwain said. “When I saw him in his little handsome outfit, I just assumed he was coming back from a fancy dinner. Even when he handed me the flowers, I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. He’s always doing sweet little things for me.”

McSwain, who now lives in Georgia, said she was shocked, however, to see her boyfriend on one knee.

“I was absolutely stunned when I turned around to see Alex. I’ve never been so surprised in my life,” McSwain said. “We’re going away on holiday in a few weeks to a remote beach, and I was sure Alex was going to propose then.”

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McSwain and Ryskiwich are now planning a May 2018 wedding, where little Elijah will fill his desired role.

“With a performance like that at the proposal, there’s no doubt that Elijah will be our ring bearer,” McSwain said. “All my girlfriends are already asking if Elijah can be their date to the wedding.”

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