Guilty-Looking Dogs Hide From Their Owner After They Make a Mess in Living Room

Puppies Tobby and Abby had chewed threw their dog beds as their owner Jennifer Kinderman was out for the day.

A dog owner didn’t even have to see the spongey mess on her floor to know her two guilty-looking pups had caused complete chaos in her living room.

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One-year-old puppies Tobby and Abby, who live in Canutillo, Mexico, could be seen in a video licensed by Caters News hiding as their owner Jennifer Kinderman, 23, came home to a mess in the living room.

“I noticed it as soon as I stepped in,” Kinderman told “You couldn’t even walk around the living room — there were just pieces torn up all over the living room. It was scattered everywhere.”

She said her two pups had torn up their dog beds, leaving sponge and filler all over the floor.

Although both dogs appeared nervous as Kinderman assessed the damages, she had a good idea which one had started the mischief.

“Abby is the more mischievous one, honestly. She does more tearing and chewing,” Kinderman said. “Maybe once she’s leading [Tobby] starts too, but she’s the one who initiates most of it.”

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She said she spent the next half-hour cleaning up their mess, but decided Tobby having to sleep without a bed would be punishment enough.

“I couldn’t be mad anymore,” she said. “They already know what they did.”

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