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Game Wardens Rescue Deer Drowning in Harvey Floods by Boat

The deer, aptly nicknamed Harvey, was spotted struggling in six-foot-deep floodwaters.

A deer riding a boat may be a rare sight, but when the floodwaters rose during Hurricane Harvey, game wardens had to get creative as they helped bring wildlife to safety.

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"If we're in the area and we've evacuated all the people and we see an animal that we can get out, and are protecting the natural resources of Texas, we're sure going to try our best,” Texas Game Warden Mark Frayser told APTN.

Among the 225 game wardens around Texas responding to communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey, a team was seen rescuing a distressed buck in Katy.

Frayser’s partner Drew Spencer said they were on their boat when they found the deer, nicknamed Harvey, submerged in about six feet of water near a community center.

“[We] captured him by the antlers,” he explained. “He was pretty tired out so we put him in some shallow water, hog-tied him.”

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After they got out of the deepest waters, Frayser and Spencer then loaded Harvey into a truck where they could drive out to a stretch of dry land.

As soon as Harvey is untied and safe, he could be seen in footage by APTN bounding off into the distance.

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