Witness in Tears at the Casey Anthony Murder Trial

A witness was in tears today as she testified at Casey Anthony's murder trial about the relationship between Casey and her daughter Caylee. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Tears were flowing at the Casey Anthony trial as witness Mallory Parker, 27, described the love between Caylee and her mom.

"Casey and Caylee had a really, a very special bond," Parker testified.

"And did it appear genuine to you?" asked Casey's attorney.

"It did," she said.

Parker was overcome with emotion as she talked about the dead little girl.

"And did Caylee ever go without food as far as you know?" asked the attorney.

"No," said Parker.

"Did she ever appear neglected to you?"


"Did you ever see Casey strike or torture or punish Caylee in any harmful way?"

"No sir."

"And the best way that you could describe their relationship would be 'amazing'?" asked the attorney.

"Amazing," confirmed Parker.

It was a stunning turn of events because she is a prosecution witness, but her testimony helped the defense by portraying Casey as a loving mom.

As she left court she was comforted by her fiancé, Casey's brother Lee.

It's been a week of non-stop drama in court and every day seems to bring more raw emotion to the surface. And there was yet another bombshell revealed. A former boyfriend of Casey says she confided a dark and shocking family secret.

"What was the secret that she had shared with you?" asked Casey's attorney.

"Lee Anthony tried to sexually abuse her," he said.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Casey's brother about the stunning claim.

"Is there anything you want to say about what was said about you on the stand yesterday?" Boyd asked.

"I'm instructed not to speak to anyone," Lee said.

 The Anthony family left court together as an apparent show of solidarity in the face of the disturbing allegations.

Today was day four of the trial, which is expected to last until mid-summer.