3-Year-Old Who Lost All Her Limbs to Meningitis Takes Her First Steps on Prosthetic Legs

"She does know she is different [but] she does most things that your average 3-year-old can do," her mom, Freya Hall, told InsideEdition.com.

This 3-year-old may not have any arms or legs, but she’s taking her emotional first steps with the help of prosthetics.

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Harmonie-Rose Allen, 3, lost her limbs after a difficult battle with meningitis when she was a baby. After two months of practicing on her prosthetic legs, she’s finally walking independently.

In a video licensed to SWNS, little Harmonie could be seen taking a few wobbly steps in her family’s living room in Bath, England, before walking right into her mom’s embrace.

“She does know she is different [but] she does most things that your average 3-year-old can do,” the mom, Freya Hall, told InsideEdition.com. “She just does it her own way.”

In addition to taking her first steps, Hall said her daughter loves to paint and is currently learning how to swim and write. She even helps out with chores around the home.

“Obviously [she] has the normal 3-year-old tantrums, however she is a very happy little girl,” Hall said.

Doctors gave Harmonie a 10 percent chance of survival when she was diagnosed with a rare strain of meningitis when she was only 11 months old.

In addition to spending five months in the hospital undergoing antibiotic treatments and skin graft procedures, doctors determined they would have to amputate her arms and legs in order to save her life.

“Harmonie was so little so didn’t really show signs of being scared, [but] it was a really traumatic time,” Hall said. “It just felt like a horrible nightmare.”

Harmonie beat the odds, and thanks to generous donations, she received a pair of $13,000 prosthetic legs that she has spent the last two years learning to use.

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Although Hall explained they are still unsure what lasting effects the meningitis could have had, the family remains hopeful for her future.

“She doesn’t let anything get in her way,” her mom explained. “She’s a very determined little girl.”

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