Clown and Dirty: City's 'It'-Inspired PSA Scares Citizens Out of Throwing Trash in Sewer

The clown living in the sewer warns that trash could damage Philadelphia's water system.

The Philadelphia Water Department has resorted to terrifying measures to make sure citizens in the City of Brotherly Love refrain from throwing trash in the sewer drains.

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In a new PSA, the Water Department and Philly311, are hoping a TV spot inspired by the upcoming remake of Stephen King's It will creep people out to the point where they won't pollute the city’s water system by dumping garbage in the drains.

In the PSA, which was posted on Facebook Thursday, a man throws his garbage in the sewer drain only to be called out by a clown who resembles Pennywise from the film.

The clown tosses the trash back at the guy and warns him he is polluting the Philly watersheds.

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"Now go home and dispose of your trash properly!" the clown demands.

The man obliges, and is seen running home in horror at the end of the clip.

Clowns are set to frighten viewers on Friday when It hits theaters nationwide.

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