High Do: Couple Gets Married After Slacklining to Net 400 Feet Above Utah Canyon

After exchanging vows, they literally took a plunge.

One couple defied gravity for their wedding by getting married on a net after slacklining across the Fruit Bowl Highline Area in Moab, Utah, last month.

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Daredevil Mickey Wilson, who made headlines earlier this year after he rescued a skier whose backpack became caught on a chair lift in Colorado, married his girlfriend, Purple McMullen-Laird.

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At the end of August, Wilson walked across a slack line to a makeshift altar suspended 400 feet above a massive crater in a Utah canyon. His bride did the same as they said “I do” high above the canyon floor.

“I was focused on not letting the wind knock me off,” she told Inside Edition.

The couple pretended to drop their rings through the makeshift altar causing loved ones on the opposite side of the canyon to laugh and gasp.

After saying exchanging vows, they literally took the plunge by jumping through a hole in the altar. They they swung from a bungee cord across the canyon.

The couple went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

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