Kind-Hearted Boy, 9, Offers To Pay For Florida Evacuee's Lunch Ahead of Hurricane Irma: 'I'm Proud'

The child noticed the man's Florida license plate.

A kind-hearted boy is looking out for those who Hurricane Irma may affect in Florida even before the storm hits. 

Landon, 9, was at Chick-fil-A with his mother, Tara Parker Routzong, in Troy, Ala., when he noticed the car in front of him had a Florida license plate. 

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“Our city has been hosting a bunch of evacuees and we have been talking to him about it,” Routzong told

Routzong said as soon as her son noticed the license plate, he asked, “Can we pay for their meal?”

Landon got out of the car and offered to pay for the man, who was really appreciative of the gesture, Routzong said. 

“It was one gentleman and he introduced himself to Landon as Don. He said that he was from Miami and that he packed up and left and was headed to Birmingham to stay with family to weather the storm,” Routzong said. “He shook Landon’s hand.”

Although the mom said she isn’t surprised by her son’s actions because he is an empathetic child, she is still very proud of him.

“Between my husband and I, we always try to give back and help out anyone,” Routzong said. “A 9-year-old could be focused on so many other things, but whenever a situation presents itself, Landon is always thinking of how he can help."

Routzong added that now they just have to wait and see what happens with Hurricane Irma.

The hurricane, which was downgraded to a category 3, has already began affecting Florida with winds and rain, but is not expected to make landfall in the state until Sunday, reports said. 

With sustained winds at 125 mph, Irma was sitting along Cuba's northern coast Saturday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center said. 

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The storm is reportedly supposed to strengthen again before it hits Florida. 

An estimated 6.3 million residents have been ordered to evacuate, the Florida Division of Emergency Management said.

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