Alligator Roams the Streets as Other Animals Seek Shelter During Hurricane Irma

The gator appeared to be enjoying the wet day out, although the streets appear to be empty and slightly flooded.

An alligator has been spotted roaming the streets as Hurricane Irma touched down in Florida, while other animals appeared to take shelter from the storms.

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A Melbourne Fire Department employee shared photos of a gator, inching onto the sidewalk from the road Sunday.

Moments later, a city employee saw the same alligator sprinting across the grass.

Although the photos showed the rest of the streets empty and wet, the reptile appeared to be enjoying the day.

Meanwhile, nearly 12,000 flamingos at the Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay could be seen seeking shelter from the storm.

A zookeeper led the way to a shelter room as the flock marched calmly to safety, despite the panic Hurricane Irma has sparked among humans.

In addition, two manatees needed some help from rescuers when they were beached near Sarasota after the hurricane struck.

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Good Samaritans, including Marcelo Clavijo, posted an account of the rescue to Facebook, as the sea cows were pulled to safety.

“We rolled them on the tarp and then dragged them 100 yards,” Clavijo wrote in a post. “Now back to reality of a hurricane coming."

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