As Journalists Report on Hurricane Irma, Are They Putting Themselves in Danger?

Some are arguing that reporters are getting dangerously close to the story.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, many are asking whether reporters, journalists and storm chasers should be putting themselves in harm’s way.

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One reporter latched himself down to a balcony in Miami, while another was tethered with the help of a tow line in the city.

A CNN reporter gave an update as branches and trees were seen falling around him. 

And reporters weren't the only ones, as storm chasers was filmed stepping out of a vehicle to test the wind speed of Hurricane Irma over the weekend.

Juston Drake and Simon Brewer, who pulled the stunt as the hurricane lashed Florida, spoke to Inside Edition about their bold undertaking.

“It hurts whenever that rain is hitting you right in the face,” Drake said. “It's important for us to go out and document the storm because we have the experience and knowledge to know how to do it safely. I would definitely say that anybody that doesn't understand the conditions that are going on they shouldn't be out there doing the stuff we're doing."

The danger comes with the territory, but social media is questioning whether these gripping moments are just too dangerous.

"This is not safe. Lead by example,” was one tweet.

I mean I wanna know about Irma eh but DO THESE JOURNALISTS KNOW IRMA CAN KILL THEM? They getting paid smthg more than a salary? Cause bruh..

— Sadzie Shadzz (@Sadzie_Shadzz) September 11, 2017

To the journalists covering #irma, thank you. Be smart. Be brave. Be the eyes & ears your community needs. But, most importantly, be safe.

— Melissa Lyttle (@melissalyttle) September 9, 2017

I can't w/these damn reporters/journalists doing live updates OUTSIDE during hurricane irma. No sympathy if something flies at their face.

— ang. (@AngSchuman) September 11, 2017

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Howard Kurtz is host of Fox News Channel's Media Buzz and spoke about why reporters go out in the harsh weather.

“Nobody forces journalists to stand in the middle of a hurricane and put their lives at risk," Howard Kurtz, the host of Fox News Channel's Media Buzz, told Inside Edition. "They volunteer to do this but it is a ridiculous exercise, done to get ratings.

"It's good TV but it's dangerous for the reporters involved."

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