Animals Take Refuge in County Jail During Hurricane Irma

The animals were given bedding and food.

A Florida animal facility sheltered various animals in a county jail during Hurricane Irma to make sure they made it through the storm safely.

The animals, which ranged from horses to a sloth, were evacuated from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Animal Farm and housed in holding cells as Irma hit the state Sunday.

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Horses were given hay as they hung out in their cells as snakes and other reptiles remained in crates.

“All the animals are doing well and we're still here!” Jeanne Selander, who is tending to the animals while they are at the facility, wrote on Facebook. “Keeping the animals happy and their stalls (or cells) clean has been my greatest much-needed distraction.”

Selander prepared all the feed, bedding and water for the animals. She referred to the jail as an ark for animals.

“Never in a million years did I ever think that I would have to do this," Selander said. "It is terrifying, exhausting, and surreal. The winds are really picking up now and I will try to keep you all updated as we move through this storm."

Although it isn’t the best situation for the animals, Mo the sloth seemed to be enjoying himself as he munched down on some corn.

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It is unclear when the animals will be transported back to the farm.

The jail's 426 inmates were reportedly moved to a facility in Palm Beach County prior to Irma's landfall, according to reports.

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