Double Whopper: 2 Babies Delivered in Same Burger King Parking Lot: 'This Is a Joke. This Can't Be'

Two babies entered the world in the same Burger King parking lot.

Two babies have been delivered in the same Burger King parking lot, just one day apart, by the same paramedics.

On Friday night, in Denville, N.J., the volunteer fire department got a call about a woman going into labor at the fast food eatery on Route 80.

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The parents had been on their way to the hospital but got stuck in traffic at about 7:30 p.m. and pulled into the lot as contractions came fast and furious.

“The next thing you know, the water’s breaking and the baby’s coming,” first responder Rich Yobs told WCBS-TV.

His partner, EMT Shannon Covert, agreed.

“Within a few moments, the baby was out," she said. "Like, it came fast. We got her into the ambulance and handed the baby to her and let her hold him the whole way to the hospital, so she was happy about that.”

Fast-forward to Saturday night. Same call, same Burger King.

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“We look at our pagers and go, ‘This is a joke. This can’t be. Two nights in a row, the exact same thing,’" Yobs said. "Sure enough, we get down there, and it is. And I mean, that one came even quicker.”

And another healthy baby boy was on his way, in an ambulance, to St. Clare’s Denville Hospital.

“One of the nurses actually asked me, ‘Where was he born?’" Covert recounted. “I said, ‘Burger King,’ and she goes, ‘Let me see the little whopper.’ So that’s probably going to be the kid’s nickname forever.”

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