Tell Us How You Really Feel: Man Mows 'A-H***' Into Lawn Directed at His Neighbor

"I know people want the arrow pointed towards me and I accept that," he admitted.

A Washington state man is so fed up with his neighbor that he could make the Hatfields and McCoys blush.

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Brian Juel of Sequim, Wash., mowed the phrase “A-H***” with an arrow pointing to his neighbor’s home into his field as a message to the homeowner.

Juel says he did it after his wealthy neighbor built a house bigger than any other in the neighborhood that blocked his waterfront view. The homeowner also painted the house purple.

Some sharp-eyed Google Maps users spotted the message and posted it on Reddit in July where it went viral.

“I call it like it is,” Juel told Inside Edition. “If the guy is being an a**h***, I will call it. It seems to me, when you get to that level of just insane wealth, they think that privilege comes along with that and that privilege allows them to do anything they want.

Juel thought his neighbor would be the only one to see the message.

“I made the sign because I thought he could see it from the top floor of his house,” he admitted.

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But thanks to the internet, millions have now seen the message on Google Maps and Google Earth.

“I know people want the arrow pointed towards me and I accept that,” he admitted.

The neighbor refused to comment to Inside Edition about the situation.

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