Mother of 3 Injured by Falling Tree in Central Park to Sue for $200 Million

Anne Monoky was walking with her three sons when a 75-foot-tall tree suddenly fell and landed on top of the family on Aug. 15.

A New York mother-of-three, who was severely injured when a tree fell on her and her family in Central Park last month, plans to sue the city for $200 million, her attorney said.

Anne Monoky was walking with her three sons when a 75-foot-tall tree suddenly fell and landed on top of the family near West Drive and West 62nd Street in Manhattan Aug. 15.

Monoky, 39, was hospitalized after she tried to shield her young children from the toppling tree.

But the tree came down on them with such force that it sent Monoky’s 2-month-old son out of the chest wrap she was carrying him in, her attorney Jordan Merson said during a press conference Wednesday.

Monoky suffered a concussion, a broken neck and multiple fractures that have left her bedridden.

“Every function of life performed by a vibrant mother is replaced by someone else doing the chores, someone else taking care of the baby, someone else making the meals,” said her attorney, Tom Kline.

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Monoky, a fashion editor and social media director for Tory Burch, will be unable to move her neck for three to six months, her lawyers said.

“She literally needs two people to walk her to the bathroom. She can't be bumped, if she's bumped, that will remove the current stability of her spine potentially,” Kline said.

Monoky’s 3-year-old son and her youngest child, though thrown from his carrier, were left mostly unharmed, but her 2-year-old son, Grant, suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging.

Merson reportedly said the injuries Grant sustained could affect his development.

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The Central Park Conservatory, a private group that monitors the park’s nearly 20,000 trees, said in August that the tree had been inspected annually over the last six years, most recently in November 2016. 

There were no visible signs of decay or disease, but it had decay in its root system, the organization said. 

Kline said the tree’s condition exemplified an obvious case of negligence on the part of the Conservancy and New York City.

"The filing of the notices of claim is the first step toward getting justice for this lovely family and holding the city and others accountable for failing to keep them and all New Yorkers and visitors to Central Park safe," Merson said. "Too many have been hurt by falling trees and large branches and we intend to get to the bottom of it."

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