Soldier Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal During Military Ceremony: 'It Couldn't Have Gone Better'

Maggie Rodriguez was left speechless when her boyfriend, Devin Fuller, revealed they'd be moving from Texas to Germany - before asking her to be his wife.

A woman who attended her soldier beau's re-enlistment ceremony had no idea that she was in for not one, but two life-changing surprises.

Maggie Rodriguez, 20, was left speechless when her boyfriend of two years, 24-year-old Devin Fuller, revealed that they'd be moving from Texas to Germany — before he asked her to be his wife.

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Luckily for Fuller, he proposed just in time.

"I told my mom if we weren’t moving in that direction by the time our anniversary came around in November, I was going to break up with him," Rodriguez told "She knew he was going to propose the next day."

Her mom was in the audience in El Paso, Texas, as Fuller, who will be a sergeant after he graduates next week, pledged to continue serving in the U.S. Army.

He thanked his family and friends for their unwavering support, and asked Rodriguez to join him in front of the gathering.

He then handed her a sign that revealed where the Army would be taking them next.

"We're going to Germany," it said.

Stunned, Rodriguez turned to her boyfriend to see he had dropped to one knee.

She burst into tears.

“I was still in shock from the Germany thing," Rodriguez told "I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m moving.' Then it was a double shock. So I just started crying. I found out I was moving and I was getting married in about two seconds.”

She eventually nodded "yes."

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Rodriguez said she didn't even know her boyfriend was interested in marriage.

“He would always be like, ‘I don’t know, marriage is a big thing,'" she said. "I was just under the impression he didn’t want to get married.”

But Fuller defended himself, saying that he waited until the ceremony so that he could ask for her hand in marriage in front of her family.

“There are so many reasons why I waited until this day to ask Maggie to marry me," he said. “First of all, her family would be there and I knew that would be very important to her, but I also wanted her to feel involved in my lifestyle and future. I wanted her to know that no matter where we go, she will always have the military as her family."

Not only that, he wanted to surprise her with the transfer and the proposal at the same time, he said. His first request to move to Germany was denied, pushing the proposal date back even further.

He'd managed to keep the ring hidden in a sock inside his dresser drawer for months.

"Thankfully, everything went just as planned," he said. "It couldn’t have gone better."

"I'm so happy," his bride-to-be added.

The couple plans to marry in El Paso on December 2. They will then move to Sembach, Germany, where Fuller, an occupational therapy specialist, will be stationed. 

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