Country Superstar Garth Brooks Helps Couple Out With Gender Reveal During Concert

"I'm extremely happy for you, because I have three of these," singer Garth Brooks announced at his concert, hinting the couple would have a girl.

A California couple learned the gender of their baby, not from their OBGYN, but from country legend Garth Brooks.

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Wesley Hansen, 33, and his wife Katy Hansen, 30, turned to the Grammy winner earlier this summer when they attended one of his shows in Los Angeles.

They had just received the results with the sonogram the day before, and came to the show with a giant sign that read: “Working on a full house – Girl? Boy?”

“Both of us were on the fence as to whether or not it would happen,” Wesley told “We tried not to get our hopes up because we knew that him calling us up was a long shot.”

But toward the end of Brooks’ show, the neon yellow sign caught his eye.

“He saw our sign and actually just called us up to the front of the stage,” he said.

“I’m extremely happy for you, because I have three of these,” Brooks announced into the audience as the arena house lights turned pink. “Especially with young girls, you’ve got to make sure, dad, that you tell them, they don’t need no sneaking boy to tell them how cool they are."

The couple agreed before the announcement that, boy or girl, they would name their child “Brooks,” and they haven't changed their mind.

“We are most definitely naming her Brooks,” Wesley said.

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The country singer, who is now 55, joked that the couple should take down his information since, “If I’m still alive when Brooks goes to college, we’ll pay for her college.”

“Regardless of who is paying for it, she can go anywhere she wants,” the soon-to-be dad said. “Our goal is to push her to do well.”

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