Women Say 'Cancer Casanova' Made Up Terminal Diagnosis for Sympathy and Money: 'He Broke Me'

The women claim they were all duped by Ken Boyer.

It’s a love story like you’ve never heard before.

Ken Boyer, who says he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, was granted his dying wish to marry his long lost love Michelle after they reconnected on Facebook earlier this year.

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“I’ve got an illness I’m not supposed to survive from. It’s tough for me to accept this but I have,” Boyer said at the time. “I'm ready. I've had a really good life.”

A video of their nuptials in May went viral — but not all was as it seemed.

Multiple women now claim Boyer actually dated them at the same time before he got married and they say he used a fake cancer diagnosis to gain their sympathy and their money.

“He’s not a victim,” one of the women, Trish, told Inside Edition. “He’s a predator.”

“He’s despicable,” another woman, Barbara Jones, added.

A third woman, Karen, called him “a sick, twisted psychopath.”

The women all claim Ken Boyer’s statements that he had terminal liver cancer were a fairy tale. When his heartfelt story aired on local news station WKMG in Florida, they were shocked.

“When I saw that on television the first thing I did was call Channel 6 and tell them that the man is a fraud,” Barbara said.

WKMG investigative reporter Mike Holfeld started digging into Ken’s story.

“He’s a master manipulator,” Holfeld told Inside Edition. “He told every one of these women he loved them. [With] every one the opening line was, 'Do you believe in love at first sight?' I mean the guy was a classic romantic con man.”

Barbara says she gave him $22,000.

“He told you he was dying?” asked Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero.

“Yes,” she said, becoming tearful. “I've dealt with many people that have lived through cancer and I wanted to help him. I wanted to make his life easier.”

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Karen said he told her he wanted to marry her. She claimed he even asked her to try on the same ring he ended up giving his new bride Michelle.

“What stage cancer did he say he had?” Guerrero asked her.

“Four, and that he wouldn't make it to his birthday,” Karen said.

But in June, Boyer did make it to his 60th birthday and has kept right on going. Even his own daughter, Hannah, calls him a conman.

“He’s been lying to people and stealing from people for as long as I can remember,” she told Inside Edition. “He went so far as to shave his eyebrows and his head to make people believe that he was going through chemotherapy.”

When Guerrero tried to talk to Boyer outside his home in Missouri, he wasn’t happy to see her there.

“I have a gun and a permit to use it!” he told her while clutching a handgun.

Even his new wife Michelle started shouting at Guerrero.

"I'm trying to talk to Ken Boyer," Guerrero said. “Ken, do you have cancer?"

“It’s none of your goddamn business!” he responded.

“Why are you threatening me with a gun?” countered Guerrero.

“I didn’t threaten you," he said. "I had a gun in case you came on my property."

And he didn’t have anything nice to say about the women who accuse him of being a liar, calling them “scorned.”

“They never gave me a goddamn dime,” he said. “I took them everywhere. I treated them like queens.”

When she asked him for his response to the claims that he used cancer to elicit sympathy and money, he didn’t mince his words.

“Get f***ed!” he shouted.

But Barbara Jones said the experience changed her life.

“He broke me,” she said. “I'll never ever be the same person I was before.”

Jones has filed a civil suit against Boyer, alleging he owes her $22,000. Boyer denies the allegations and is fighting her lawsuit.

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