Grand Finale! Broadway Show Choreographer on 'Bandstand' Closes Out Show With Proposal

He said the proposal was a last-minute decision.

It was a finale to remember for one Broadway show.

The Broadway musical Bandstand took its final bow Sunday and the show’s associate choreographer, Mark Stuart, made the moment even more special when he proposed to his girlfriend, Jaime Verazin, one of the show’s ensemble members.

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"We got to work on this special piece together and we both left a big part of our hearts in that theater and with that family," Stuart told "It seemed like the perfect way to move on to the next phase of our lives and to include our family in it."

The swing musical, which opened at the end of April, has had 166 regular performances, and one audience member, Curtis Scott Brown, said the proposal was a brilliant way to close the show.

"From an incredible show that shouldn't have been closing, to then watch a relationship just beginning, it was a perfect ending to an already perfect night," said Brown, captured the special moment on his cell phone.

Stuart, 37, met Verazin, 32, at a birthday party in 2011. He’d just lost a dancer for one of his gigs and ended up hiring her.

Eventually, the pair developed feelings for one another.

Stuart said he was terrified about how the proposal moment would work out as he had planned it at the last minute.

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But in a video of the moment, Verazin happily agrees, even jumping into Stuart’s arms.

"It was a true and genuine complete surprise, but it was exactly right,” Verazin said. “Mark and I have been partners in life and in dance for six years and we’re starting to work in the industry together. Partnership is what we do.”

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