INSIDE EDITION's Exclusive Interview with Larry King

Larry King speaks candidly to INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville about his new memoir Truth Be Told and what it feels like to be off the air when news breaks.

After 25 years on CNN, Larry King misses the limelight.

"When you've been part of the mix, you miss the mix," King said.

At INSIDE EDITION'S interview with the talk show legend, Deborah Norville spoke with King as he promoted his new memoir, Truth Be Told. So, what was the newsworthy event King wishes he covered?

"Osama Bin Laden, in a walk," he said.

King was also open about his separation from wife Shawn last year, which was enshrouded in rumors of infidelity on both ends. Now, they're back together.  

"I learned that it's sometimes good to get apart for a while, get your head together, and really find out what you really want in life," King commented.

And since he's no longer hosting his own nightly show, he can talk freely about the events of the day. King says that there are some interviews he wishes he hadn't done, like his exclusive chat with Paris Hilton after she was released from jail in 2007.

"I was thinking halfway through it: why is this important," King said.

In King's book, he discusses the first two years of the Obama presidency. He says that the President has been "governing without a focus."

"I like him, and I think he'd be favored to be re-elected based on the current crop as I see them, but he campaigned better than he runs the government," King said.

Today, at 77, King is touring the world and trying his hand at stand up comedy. The break from TV seems to have given King a new perspective on fatherhood: his focus is on spending as much time as possible with his two young sons.

"A day you miss with your boys, you never get back," he said.