Jerry Lewis Snubs His 6 Sons in Will, Leaving Entire Fortune to Wife, Adopted Daughter

The late comedy icon went out of his way to mention his six sons from his first marriage would get nothing.

Comic legend Jerry Lewis is having the last laugh on his own children, reportedly cutting all six sons out of his will.

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Lewis, who died last month at 91, left behind an estate worth an estimated $50 million, but his will reportedly contains a shocking clause that reads: "I have intentionally excluded Gary, Ronald, Anthony, Christopher, Scott, and Joseph and their descendants as beneficiaries of my estate, it being my intention that they receive no benefits.”

Family law attorney Debra Opri, who does not represent the Lewis estate, spoke to Inside Edition about the clause.

"Jerry Lewis can do whatever he wanted," she said. "He was of sound mind and he had his reasons." 

Lewis left the entire estate to his second wife, Sandee, and their daughter, Danielle, who was adopted 25 years ago.

In one of his last interviews, he told Inside Edition about his love for Danielle.

When asked what he was most proud of, he said it was his daughter, adding, “I don't have to do anything for her to love me. She loves me already.”

The six offspring who have been disinherited are the children he had with his first wife, singer Patti Palmer.

Jerry Lewis also had another child who he has never acknowledged named Suzan.

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Suzan Lewis is living homeless and destitute in Philadelphia. DNA tests and an uncanny family resemblance both confirm that Jerry Lewis was her dad.

“I think that I would deserve something,” she told Inside Edition of her father's fortune following his passing. “Especially in my situation."

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