Jodi Arias Wants Prison Leave After Father Dies From Undisclosed Causes

The infamous killer wants to attend his funeral.

Infamous killer Jodi Arias has asked for prison leave after her father's death in California from undisclosed causes, according to reports.

William A. Arias died September 19 at the age of 68.

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Arias is serving a life sentence in an Arizona prison for the gruesome murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008.

That geography matters. While Arizona does allow inmates to apply to attend the final rites of loved ones, they do not allow the supervised leave to take place outside the Grand Canyon State.

This means that it is highly unlikely that Arias would be allowed to attend a service in California.

A Twitter account that provides updates on Arias and her life behind bars shared a photo of the inmate with her deceased dad that appears to have been taken back in 2001.

"You are loved and missed," the tweet read.

Arias was convicted in 2015, near five years after she claimed she killed Alexander in self-defense. 

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Prosecutors argued Arias was an ex-lover out for revenge when she shot and stabbed Alexander, whose throat was also found slit.

Arias is currently serving her life sentence at Arizona State Prison Complex in Perryville.

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