Was Prince Harry Signaling Devil Horns While Greeting Melania? Body Language Expert Weighs In

It's a kooky theory that's burning up the internet.

When Prince Harry met with Melania Trump, many noticed how his hands were positioned inside his blazer and some have gone so far as to say he was calling her the devil.

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A strange conspiracy theory that's currently making the rounds says the prince’s pose could have been a devil horn gesture.

When Prince Harry is trying to tell you something by flashing the sign of the devil... pic.twitter.com/PqcOA2xemq

— Chad Darnell (@ChadDarnell) September 25, 2017

first thing I noticed when I saw this photo is Prince Harry doing he devil's horn/satan hand sign. also in the video, it was intentional pic.twitter.com/HUHZfs8Tkh

— GLEGEND DISCIPLE (@YujuAndTheBoooy) September 24, 2017

Prince Harry giving us a subliminal message that he knows the Trumps are the devil, too ? Trying to ward off the evil ? pic.twitter.com/1b6w1XGtOI

— Sarah (@goldenlamb13) September 24, 2017

In the photo, which was taken over the weekend, his hand was half-tucked into his jacket — with his pinky and index fingers sticking out.

Internet sleuths claim he's making devil horns, a symbol that harkens back to the middle ages, to ward off evil spirits.

Inside Edition did some digging and it turns out the prince does the gesture more often than one might expect.

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Body language expert Tonya Reiman is pretty sure Harry’s just getting comfortable and it has nothing to do with the devil.

"For me, this was more of a comfort gesture," she said. "Covering your stomach makes you feel more relaxed, more comfortable. When he heard the cameras going off, he was just getting comfortable." 

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