Mom Didn't Call 911 for Dying Daughter Because Her Phone Was Low on Minutes: Cops

Jessica Briones is suspected of causing her daughter's fatal injuries before cops say she carried her to a police station on Sept. 5.

A Texas woman charged in her daughter's death allegedly did not call 911 as the girl died because she was low on cell phone minutes.

Bexar County Sheriff's deputies say Jessica Briones carried her unconscious 4-year-old to a police substation, where she allegedly admitted to slamming a door on the girl's arm accidentally on Sept. 5. 

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Cops say Briones told them she walked the girl rather than calling 911 because her minutes were running out.

The girl, whose name was Olivia, was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead the following day, KPHO reported.

According to the arrest affidavit, doctors found bleeding and swelling on the girl's brain.

The medical examiner’s office determined Olivia also had a swollen nose, scars on her scalp, a deflated lung, and two swollen arms.

During questioning, cops say her mother told them Olivia often fell down and that, on Sept. 1, she'd fallen and hit her head.

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Investigators, however, appeared to cast doubt on those claims in the arrest affidavit, which accuses Briones of inflicting bodily harm on her daughter.

A cause of death is still pending and prosecutors say they could file upgraded charges depending on the medical examiner's findings.

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