Conan O'Brien, Lin-Manuel Miranda Join #PuberMe Challenge to Raise Money for Puerto Rico

The effort comes as cruise ships help bring aid to the Caribbean.

Comedian Nick Kroll has joined forces with Late Show host Stephen Colbert in a unique, celebrity-driven fundraising campaign benefiting the people of Puerto Rico.

Appearing on The Late Show Wednesday, Kroll and Colbert proudly displayed their awkward teen photos and The League star encouraged other celebrities to do the same on social media.

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Colbert then upped the ante, declaring that for each famous person who posts an awkward teenage photo while using the hashtag “#PuberMe,” he would donate to relief efforts in Puerto Rico, which was slammed by Hurricane Maria earlier this month.

Kroll said he would match Colbert’s donations.

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In response to the challenge, many celebrities have joined in, like Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Conan O’Brien posted his.

As did Colbert’s late night TV rival, Jimmy Kimmel.

Actress America Ferrera also got in on the fun.

So did James Corden.

Sarah Silverman also joined in on the fun.

And it's not just celebrities, as regular folks are bravely embracing the idea.

Liz Russo, a comedian from Pennsylvania, shared her 7th grade school photo on social media.

“I absolutely love it! I would really love to see some more celebrities joining in,” she added. “Puerto Rico needs our help."

Nearly a week after Hurricane Maria left the Caribbean in shambles, Carnival Cruise, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean Cruise ships have headed to the region to assist in relief and evacuation efforts.

The ships will bring supplies, food and clothing to the islands that were hit the hardest, like St. Thomas, St. Croix and Puerto Rico.

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